Bureau Cultuurmakelaar is a cultural organization which collaborated with almost every other cultural organisation in Tilburg, the Netherlands. Due to the decrease in cultural subsidizing by the city, Bureau Cultuurmakelaar has unfortunately come to an end. This is a final recapitulation of what has been a good or bad two years in a report, containing both visual and textual information. 

This publication is divided into two parts but rejoined at the centre.

It’s a limited edition of 250 examples, a non-profit publication. The covers are silk-screened and the both sides have a distinct kind of paper. On the front there is a reserved spot to include a photo, directed at the receiving party for a personal thank you or identification with their project. The inside would contain a cd with one of the BCM projects. 

A collaboration at Studio Jan Koek.

© 2014 Remco van Dun

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